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Richardson EditRocket 4.5.3 macOS 一個功能強大的代碼編輯器
EditRocket是一個功能強大的代碼編輯器,是可供Mac OS X,Windows和Linux程序員使用的文本編輯器。支持超過20種語言,包括HTML , PHP和CSS ,java腳本,Python, Ruby, Perl, XML, C, C++, Shell Script。包括許多工具,可幫助用戶編寫代碼,諸多功能如語法高亮,代碼創建和sidekicks ,導航,功能查詢,代碼和標記完成,正則表達式搜索和替換,支架和標籤匹配, HTML格式,CSS ,和XML文件屬性和比較。

EditRocket is a powerful text editor with many useful features that will be appreciated by web designers, programmers, as well as ordinary PC users. The program has a feature syntax highlighting, auto-substituting the appropriate programming language, scripting, a powerful search engine and much more. Program EditRocket supports the following programming languages and technologies: C, Java, PHP, Text, ActionScript, Groovy, Transact-SQL, C + +, javascript, Python, XML, CSS, HTML, Perl, etc. The text editor EditRocket become a reliable assistant of any web-master.

Key Features:
Editing Tools
Auto Tag Closure for XML and HTML
Auto Tag Complete for HTML tags in PHP, JSP, and HTML pages
Auto Code Block completion for C style languages when entering open curly brackets
Auto Method / Function Completion / Lookup for Java, JSP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby
Auto system package procedure lookup / completion for PL/SQL
Key Ahead functionality that is customizable by programming language for quickly entering text
Bookmark functionality for quickly navigating through code.
Recordable macros for quickly executing common tasks
Select Text options for quickly selecting lines, paragraphs, words, and pages
Delete Text options for quickly deleting lines, paragraphs, words, and pages
Favorites and Recent Files options for bookmarking files or quickly viewing previously opened files
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Spell Checker......