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InfoClick 1.2.5 MacOS 一款強大的電子郵件搜索工具
一款強大的電子郵件搜索工具,旨在指導您嘗試查找的電子郵件。 InfoClick增強了Mac OS X上的Apple Mail。對於搜索功能,瀏覽您的電子郵件,查看其中的字詞,聯絡人和資訊。 InfoClick知道你使用了什麼字,所以沒有猜測; 它是一個指導過程,逐步縮小比賽在一系列簡單的選擇。 這意味著你不能產生一個零匹配的搜索。InfoClick還包括一個筆記編輯器,允許您收集和組織電子郵件,文件,網頁和其他網址的鏈接。

InfoClick is designed to be used with Apple's Mail application to navigate through your emails to see the words, contacts, and information within. InfoClick knows precisely what words you've used, so there's no guessing; it offers a guided process of progressively narrowing down the matches in a series of simple choices.

That means you can't ever produce a search with zero matches. For example, when you're searching for all emails containing a particular word, InfoClick would show the completions "connection", "connexion", and (the misspelled) "connecsion", if you'd actually used those words in your emails.
InfoClick offers additional features to make searching your emails easier. To see all emails received from educational organizations in the US, simply type .edu in the From field. With a single click, you can narrow-down your search to only those emails that had an attachment, and/or those received in a given date range, and/or those that contain specific words. You can choose, as alternatives, all displayed word spellings used in the emails, so you don't miss an email because of spelling errors.
InfoClick also offers a note editor, allowing you to collect and organize links to emails, files, Web pages, and other URLs (notes are completely searchable).
Release Notes

• Added: Dark Mode.
• Compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina.
• Fixed: copying text from the email preview area can be slow.
• Improved the warning shown at launch when two copies of InfoClick are running simultaneously.
• Fixed: the Clear button should be enabled for partially entered text.
• Prophylactic changes to try to prevent a few unreproducible crashes.
Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit