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Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2020 x64 用於優化編譯具有並行處理功能的fortrans和++C程序
Intel Parallel Studio是Intel的一款軟件產品,用於優化編譯具有並行處理功能的fortrans和++C程序,事實上,Intel的目標是提供此捆綁包,以提供具有多種功能的編程環境,包括並行處理,以幫助程序員以最佳的方式實現他們的應用程序,他們將享受最大的功率和速度英特爾®至強®處理器和英特爾®至強皮的。鑒於英特爾處理器制造商提供這個軟件的事實,它可以用極大的信心,這個軟件包括用於多線程、數學和計算、處理數據和文件介質等的各種工具和庫。


x64 | Languages:English | 

Intel Parallel Studio is a software product from Intel for optimal compilation of fortrans and ++ C programs with parallel processing capabilities, in fact, Intel's goal is to provide this bundle to provide a programming environment with a variety of capabilities, including parallel processing To help programmers implement their applications in the most optimal way, they will enjoy maximum power and speed on Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi ™ coprocessors.Given the fact that the maker of the Intel processors provided this software, it can be used with great confidence, this software includes various tools and libraries for multi-threading, mathematics and numeracy, working with data and files Media, etc.

to speed up programming, also has different profiles and analyzers for analyzing and optimizing the code; in addition, the powerful debugger of this software can not be used to troubleshoot written codes; in the end, Intel Parallel Studio is a simple solution. It's fast and secure for parallel programming for next-generation processors.

Features and Intel Parallel Studio:
-With compilers ++ C / C and Fortran
-++ C and Java libraries benefit from increased speed of data analysis.
-MKL library for the benefit of mathematics ++ C and Fortran
-TBB multi-threading library for ++ C
-Library and media for IPP ++ C
-Having observed the debugger thread and memory to ++ C and Fortran
-Profiler to assess the effectiveness of the program in language C ++, Fortran, C # and Java
-++ C and Fortran MPI Library for
-ITAC MPI profiler and analyst for ++ C and Fortran
-Working with numbers for Fortran Library

This package contains:
-Intel Parallel Studio XE 2020 Cluster Edition for Windows*
-Intel C++ Compiler 19.1 for Windows* Target
-Intel C++ Compiler 19.1 for Linux*/Android* Target
-Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 19.1 for Windows* Target
-Intel Math Kernel Library 2020 for Windows* Target
-Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 2020 for Windows* Target
-Intel Threading Building Blocks 2020 for Windows* Target
-Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library 2020 for Windows* Target
-Intel MPI Library 2019 Update 6 for Windows* Target
-Intel MPI Benchmarks 2019 Update 4 for Windows* Target
-Intel Debugger Extension 8.2
-Intel VTune(TM) Amplifier 2020
-Intel Inspector 2020
-Intel Advisor 2020
-Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 2020 for Windows*
-Intel Distribution for Python* for Windows*

System requirements:
-OS:Windows* 7 (deprecated), Windows 10
-Processor with Intel64 architecture (Intel Core family and above, Intel Xeon E5 v5 family, Intel Xeon E7 v5 family)
-12 GB of disk space (minimum) for a standard installation. For Cluster installation, an additional 4 GB of disk space is required
-RAM:2 GB of RAM (minimum)
-Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017,is supported.
-Added support for Microsoft* Visual Studio 2019.

Whats New:
Updates:official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.