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ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics with Component Plus熱力學計算軟件
Simulis Thermodynamics 是以MS-Excel格式嵌入的熱物理性能計算器,通過MATLAB工具條或者以模塊方式嵌入到需要計算熱物理性能的其它軟件中。



1、 可以用於計算物流的傳遞屬性(熱量、黏度等);
2、 可以用於計算物流的熱力學性能(焓、壓縮係數等);
3、 可以用於計算及多組份混合狀態下的任何形式的相平衡(VLE、LLE、VLLE等);
4、 可調整用戶系統的最佳熱力學參數;
5、 可以集成到客戶的應用程序中;
6、 可以使用標準的CAPE-OPEN接口;

1. 包含石油加工過程中常見組份熱力學性質的數據庫;
2. 提供用戶二次開發接口;
3. 可以根據混合物的蒸餾曲線採用虛擬組份法處理混和物流;

ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics with Component Plus | 471.9 mb
ProSim has launched Simulis Thermodynamics 2.0.25, is a calculation server for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria calculations on pure components and mixtures.

What's new in Simulis Thermodynamics 2.0.25:

- New management of databases of binary interaction parameters: the user can now create his own private databases of binary interaction parameters in Simulis Thermodynamics. It also gives the possibility to choose among the databases at its disposal, the binary interaction parameters to be imported into its calculator.
- Possibility to define all of the electrolytes models as “True species” ones: speciation reactions used in reactive models are equilibrium reactions by default. If the user wants to describe a speciation reaction controlled by kinetics, it can’t be described in the thermodynamic calculation server. So, all reactions must be computed inside the unit operation using, for instance, a reactor or a reactive flash or a distillation column in ProSimPlus, or by describing the model in Matlab or Excel.
- The calculation of the critical point of a mixture is now possible for most of the models which are based on a homogeneous approach (equations of state).
- SRK-KD model: the binary interaction parameters can now be entered directly in the calculator interface so that the default values are not used, which offers more flexibility and the possibility of fitting these parameters.
- PPR78 model: improved calculation performances.
- Update of reactive model databases.

Product: ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics
Version: with Component Plus
Supported Architectures: x86
Website Home Page :
Language: french, english, russian
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer