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SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0.600.6989--2D/3D模型瀏覽轉換軟件
SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author是一款功能強大的2D,3D,動畫,視頻和音頻資產管理軟件,使用為大家提供了完善的功能,可快速搜索、打開、查看、修改、轉換和管理2D和3D文件,並進行優化、動畫和發佈等功能操作。快速的創建3D動畫並將豐富的可視內容呈現為常見的桌面文檔,文件格式和業務應用程序。SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author可快速打開各種類型的CAD文件格式,並且可以使用使用元數據顯示各種圖形信息,例如,您可以查看圖形中的頂點數,子對象數和紋理位圖數。您可以平移,旋轉和縮放以探索3D模型,添加註釋,相機和燈光,還可以查看對象詳細信息,子對象和紋理。當你在搜索文件時,你還可以同時執行其他的行為活動,在找到文件進行文件預覽和文件下載選擇的時候會通提醒你,您還可以跟蹤查看過的圖像並選擇最新的圖像。該應用程序包含業界領先的一致文件轉換,SDK可用於創建自定義圖形,管理和操作工具。可通過快捷鍵的方式快速進行訪問,所有的可用鍵盤快捷鍵都會顯示在菜單上命令名稱的右側,快速掌握快捷鍵能讓你的工作效率大幅度提升。

SAP AG, multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations, has released 8.0 version of Visual Enterprise Author. This software for create 3D animations and render rich visual content into common desktop documents, file formats, and business applications for secure downstream use.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author is a desktop application used to create 3D animations and render rich visual content into common desktop documents, file formats, and business applications for secure downstream use. You can use SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author to manage 2D, 3D, animation, video, and audio assets, with support for opening and importing all supported CAD file formats. A number of different tools allow you to explore, view, transform, optimize, animate, and publish in a number of formats. While searching for files, you can carry out other activities and, you are alerted when files are found for file preview and file download selection. You can also keep track of your viewed images and select the most recent, and you can create and present slide shows, either in windows or as full-screen presentations. The application encompasses industry leading, consistent file conversion, and an SDK is available to create custom graphics, management, and manipulation tools.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author uses metadata to display various graphics information. For example, you can view the number of vertices, sub-objects and the texture bitmaps in a drawing. You can pan, rotate, and zoom to explore 3D models, add comments, cameras, and lights, and you can view object details, sub-objects, and textures.

About Right Hemisphere

Right Hemisphere is the recognized standard for Visual Enterprise Solutions that enable manufacturing companies around the world to unify, synchronize and deliver visual product and business information to optimize their global product development, launch and support processes.

Organizations have invested substantially in engineering design applications, business management systems, operational processes and IT systems in an effort to improve product lifecycle efficiencies. However, it is challenging to deliver accurate, relevant and up-to-date product information to the functional organizations throughout the enterprise in a timely, efficient and usable form. Right Hemisphere effectively unifies product information from appropriate information systems (CAD, PLM, MES, DAM and ERP), synchronizes it to ensure accuracy and delivers it in a role and workflow-dependent fashion to individuals throughout the extended enterprise. The Right Hemisphere Visual Enterprise Solutions are designed to maximize productivity, improve process efficiency and quality while reducing cost and product life cycle time through visual communications.

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