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MAGIX CoreFX Suite 1.0.22-MAGIX編輯器套件)
coreFX Suite是一款非常實用的,可以安裝在MAGIX軟件上的輔助插件。它可以為用戶提供編輯和轉換功能,極大的提高用戶的工作效率,感興趣的朋友一起看看吧。

1、coreFX Limiter:限制器設置處理後的音頻信號電平的最大值,然後不會超過該值。消除了體積差異,從而使大聲和安靜的部分變平。

2、coreFX Expander:抑制噪音並增加您的音域,因為音頻信號的動態增加了更自然的聲音。

3、coreFX Compressor: 壓縮音頻信號的動態範圍,消除軟通道和大聲通道之間的音量差異。

4、coreFX Gate:門用於抑制信號傳輸中的靜音部分。這樣可以消除噪音並產生乾淨的聲音。

5、coreFX Delay使用Delay: 創建回聲。簡單的延遲效果基於模擬電路,並產生原始輸入信號的延時副本以產生回聲效果。

6、coreFX Chorus:對於更飽滿的聲音,Chorus會產生時間延遲的音頻信號重複,並略有音調差異。產生可感知的倍增和跳動效果。

7、coreFX Flanger:Flanger創造出動態,較冷的聲音。通過疊加原始信號及其延時副本,可以為經典的“流浪”聲音創建掃頻效果。

Compared to a classic compressor, a 2-point compressor has two kink points. This allows you to create different characteristics and offers more freedom when compressing dynamic range.

coreFX Limiter
The limiter sets the maximum value of the processed audio signal level, which then won't be exceeded. Volume differences are eliminated, so that loud and quiet sections are levelled out.

coreFX Expander
Suppress noise and increase your range, as the dynamics of the audio signal are increased for a more natural sound.

coreFX Compressor
Compress the dynamic range of an audio signal and eliminate volume differences between soft and loud passages.

coreFX Gate
The gate is used to suppress quiet sections in the signal transmission. This removes noise and produces a clean sound.

coreFX Delay
Create echoes with the Delay. The simple delay effect is based on analog circuits and produces time-delayed copies of the original input signal to create the echo effect.

coreFX Chorus
For a fuller sound, Chorus produces a time-delayed duplicate of the audio signal with a slight pitch difference. A perceptible doubling and beating effect is created.

coreFX Flanger
The Flanger creates a dynamic, colder sound. By superimposing the original signal and its time-delayed copies, sweeping effects are created for the classic 'wandering' sound.

Platform: WiN32/64 - VST

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.