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Friendship System CAESES 4.4.2-一個靈活的CAD平台,可通過仿真工具進行快速和全面的設計研究
CAESES FRIENDSHIP-Framework 4.x破解版簡稱CAESES,CAESES是一個靈活的CAD平台,可通過仿真工具進行快速和全面的設計研究。 CFD自動化和形狀優化的集成功能使其成為模擬工程師的一體化設計工具。在傳統的CAD工具中,在需要完全自動化生成幾何圖形的設計研究中,參數控制通常效率不高,模型也不健壯。這正是CAESES發揮作用的地方,以專用功能大大加快您的設計過程.

CAESES stands for "CAE System Empowering Simulation" and its ultimate goal is to help engineers to design optimal flow-exposed products. This software solution provides you simulation-ready parametric CAD for complex free form surfaces, and targets CFD-driven design processes. These specialized geometry models are perfectly suited for automated design explorations and shape optimization.

CAESES® stands for “CAE System Empowering Simulation” and its ultimate goal is to design optimal flow-exposed products. It focuses heavily on simulation engineers that need automation, in particular in the context of geometry generation. With a focus on automation, CAESES helps you to be more productive and to drive more value from your existing simulation software investments. Your product development benefits from a massive acceleration, while fostering design exploration and innovation.

As a central component of CAESES, the creation of complex geometry variants is automated and 100% robust, thanks to the dependency-based modeling approach – as opposed to the history-based approach of other CAD systems. The entire process can be optionally scripted to run in batch mode. All generated geometries are clean and watertight without any manual pre-processing, which saves you hours of work. CAESES models contain fixed patch identifiers (surface IDs) to automate the meshing process.

Efficient Geometry
CAESES® models have less parameters which saves computational time in optimization processes. You can even build design constraints into your CAESES® models, such as cross-sectional areas, minimum distances to keep, manufacturing constraints, hard points, etc. This ensures that only valid designs are created during optimization runs. No more waste of time due to infeasible designs!

Find Optimal Designs
CAESES® itself contains no CFD or other simulation methods, instead it seamlessly integrates your existing tools to create a closed loop. The capabilities for automation of simulation tools let you plug in flow and structural analysis. In addition, CAESES® comes with integrated strategies for parameter studies and shape optimization. Together with the geometry modeling, you have everything you need to investigate large sets of design candidates in a massively reduced time frame. CAESES can also be used in combination with existing optimization tools, such as Dakota, OptiSLang, Optimus, ModeFrontier etc. In these situations, CAESES runs in the background as efficient and robust geometry engine.

CAESES® is used in various industries. Typical areas of interest include ship hulls, turbomachines, ducts and manifolds, engine components, aerodynamic bodies such as aircraft and race car components, mixers, propellers, etc. CAESES® is suited for both internal and external flow applications.

Who Uses CAESES?
More than 150 leading companies all over the world use CAESES® for the design and shape optimization of engineering products. Examples are SIEMENS, Caterpillar, MTU, Hyundai, SAMSUNG, Parrot, Grundfos, Kawasaki, just to pick a few. See the industries page for a list of selected references.