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Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate 2019.1.0 乐透彩票软件,该软件具有强大的分析工具,过滤工具和滚轮工具,可以帮助您赢得彩票
Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate 2019是最好的乐透彩票软件,用于播放带控件的乐透式彩票。该软件具有强大的分析工具,过滤工具和滚轮工具,可以帮助您赢得彩票!Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate包含了复杂的过滤器和高级功能(简单易用),例如几乎每个过滤器的图形统计分析,使玩家能够查看过滤器的过去行为并预测该过滤器的下一个值,只需单击该字段即可数据,您将获得一个全面的图表来分析和预测该过滤器的下一步行动。有了这些新的独特功能,您现在可以播放您的乐透游戏的全部数量,

Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate彩票软件程序支持20个国家和地区130多个彩票(美国彩票,加拿大彩票,澳大利亚彩票,英国彩票,法国彩票,南非彩票,爱尔兰彩票,德国彩票,新西兰彩票,西班牙彩票,比利时彩票,新加坡彩票,马来西亚彩票,墨西哥彩票,台湾彩票,土耳其彩票,香港彩票和巴西彩票等。

Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate 2019 is the best lotto lottery software to play the lotto-type lottery with control. This Software have strong analysis tool, filtering tool and wheeling tool to helps you winning the lottery!. Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate have included sophisticated filters and advanced features (made simple) such as graphic statistical analysis almost to every filter which enables the player to view the past behaviour of the filter and predict the next value of that filter, simply by clicking on the field of datas and you're given a comprehensive graph to analyse and predict the next move of that filter. With these new unique features you can now play the whole pool of numbers of your lotto game, this lottery software programs can generate the entire pool of my game and treat the generated combinations as one huge wheel with its millions of combinations and filter it down to a single line or few affordable combinations to play for the next draw, no more number selection dilemma, amazing powerful and effective tool.

Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate lottery software programs supports 20 countries and regions 130+ lotteries (United States lottery, Canada lottery, Australia lottery, United Kingdom lottery, France lottery, South Africa lottery, Ireland lottery, Germany lottery, New Zealand lottery, Spain lottery, Belgium lottery, Singapore lottery, Malaysia lottery, Mexico lottery, Taiwan lottery, TurKey lottery, Hong Kong lottery and Brazil lottery ect..).

Main Features:
1. 220+ lotto lotteries and 60+ countries and regions supported.
2. Supports all pick 4 - 7 wheels and custom wheels.
3. Free update latest drawings data.
4. 17+ statistical analysis methods and 150+ charts supported.
5. One-click generated all base filters conditions value.
6. Works with all the pick 4, 5, 6 or 7 lotteries with 0, 1 or 2 bonus numbers or with 1 powerball number.
7. Generate one million lines only need 3 seconds.
8. 50 base filters and 18 advanced filters supported.
9. Support check winning.

What's new:
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.