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3DCS Variation Analyst MultiCAD 一款功能強大的容差分析軟件
3DCS Variation Analyst MultiCAD支持輸入的目前市場上所有主流CAD系統格式文件的輸入:Autodesk Inventor, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, ProEngineer, SolidWorks, UG NX。支持輸入的其它文件格式:ACIS/SAT, IGES, Parasolid, STEP, JT, VRLM, STL, OBJ, CGR。

Dimensional Control Systems(DCS)公司致力於尺寸工程問題的解決,DCS為世界各地的製造企業提供最佳的一流的軟件解決方案和服務。3DCS Variation Analyst MultiCAD 7.2.2給予了公司用於在虛擬樣機中改進和驗證他們的設計的工具集,節省了時間和大量的金錢。DCS提供了兩個核心軟件技術,幫助提高設計和生產質量, 3DCS Variation Analyst 和 Quality Data Management。


3DCS Variation Analyst MultiCAD除了具備的所有優點,還擁有一套應用廣泛的工具,能夠更加靈活地進行工程分析,甚至可以分析最複雜的系統。為需要執行複雜迭代分析的專家提供全面的工具。

3DCS Variation Analyst MultiCAD | 
Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), engineering software developer, has released version 7.6 of its flagship tolerance analysis software 3DCS Variation Analyst.

Whai's new in this release:

This new version features enhanced GD&T interfaces and applications, making it easier to model tolerances, validate GD&T and increase analysis granularity. Additional updates include a new method to save multiple model variants, allowing users to switch between model builds with the push of a button.

The GD&T interface has been added and rebuilt to provide a more intuitive process to create GD&T on the model, and validate existing GD&T. Users now have the ability to create GD&T instead of needing to extract the FTA and PMI from the model or create point and feature tolerances. Of course, all versions can utilize extracted PMI from the CAD model, but now offer an easy to use solution for when that data is unavailable. In order to support DCS’ clients worldwide, the software comes with the ability to utilize both ISO and ASME standards for GD&T.

Model Variants have been added to the new version of 3DCS. This much requested feature allows users to designate different model builds within the same model. This reduces issues with version control, as well as removing the need for multiple cloned versions of the same model in order to simulate different processes, parts or tolerance schemes. Now, within the same model, users can define different assembly methods, tolerances or GD&T, and measurements for each variant, swapping between them with the push of a button. This makes it easy to model different what-if scenarios, or to model parts and processes from different suppliers. With the added functionality of both multi-core processing and cloud based distributed processing, it becomes a simple process to switch between variants and quickly run analyses to compare outputs.

About 3DCS software. 3DCS software is an advanced tolerance analysis package integrated into Dassault Systemes’ CATIA, Siemens’ NX and PTC’s Creo CAD platforms, as well as a standalone CAD neutral platform. As the standard for variation analysis software across the automotive and aerospace industries, 3DCS offers powerful tools for engineers and designers to simulate their product’s assembly process and 3D tolerance stack-up to reduce scrap and rework and root cause quality issues that could lead to warranty and liability claims.

This video showcases the inputs and outputs of a 3DCS Variation Analyst model and the benefits of utilizing process data and tolerances.

About Dimensional Control Systems. Dimensional Control Systems Inc. (DCS) based in Troy, Michigan, USA is focused on the methodology of Dimensional Engineering. DCS offers best-in-class software solutions and services to manufacturing companies the world over. With over 50 years of Dimensional Engineering background, DCS continuously strives to exceed our customer's expectations for world-class Variation Analysis and Quality Management System (QMS) software and services.

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