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Sprint-Layout 6.0 一款適合於業餘愛好者的簡易PCB Layout設計軟件
Sprint-Layout是一款適合於業餘愛好者的簡易PCB Layout設計軟件,相比其它的簡易性PCB設計軟件如ExpressPCB、FreePCB、Sprint-Layout操作性靈活性更強,界面更友好,上手容易,功能也完全滿足了自己的需求。

Sprint-Layout - this software is getting more and more famous. If you need a software to design your PCB’s easy and fast, you can’t get away from Sprint-Layout! Many thousand satisfied users can’t be mistaken. Sprint-Layout with its marvellous handling is simply unbeatable! There isn´t any “ballast” making it difficult to keep the overview. The logical and understandable structure of Sprint-Layout is very easy to learn. You can concentrate to the essential thing: The optimized PCB design.

Component library
The component-library is already filled with many common used components, either in SMD or in conventional through-hole-technology. The library is displayed in a well sorted treeview, so you don’t have to spend much time for searching a component. If a special component is missing, you can easily draw it by yourself just on your layout. After that you can add this component to the library. So this new component is always available. To use a component from the library, just drag&drop it to your layout. After that you can move, rotate or label the component like you want.

The quality of the screen presentation iis strongly improved with the anti-aliasing-technology. Edges are smoothed and the layout is looking much more realistic, even in small zoom modes.

Reticule with automatic-capture mode
The automatic-capture mode makes it easier to place pads or tracks. Whenever the reticule gets close to a capture-point, it will be captured to this point, and helps you to connect exactly. This is particularly very helpful, if some connections are lying out of the grid. The reticule also has a numeric display of the current coordinates. So you don’t have to wander with your eyes to another position and you have always the view on your layout.

Components and component lists
Sprint-Layout can display and manage the components including identifier and value. Of course there is also the possibility to show the component list. Each component can manage some additional data, so called “Pick+Place” data. With these additional data, Sprint-Layout can export Pick+Place files, which are necessary for the automated placement of SMD components on a board.

Free rotating
You can rotate all components or elements in any angle. This makes it possible to place your components in the best manner.
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