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Richardson EditRocket 4.5.4 代碼編輯器
EditRocket是一個功能強大的代碼編輯器,是可供Mac OS X,Windows和Linux程序員使用的文本編輯器。支持超過20種語言,包括HTML , PHP和CSS ,java腳本,Python, Ruby, Perl, XML, C, C++, Shell Script。包括許多工具,可幫助用戶編寫代碼,諸多功能如語法高亮,代碼創建和sidekicks ,導航,功能查詢,代碼和標記完成,正則表達式搜索和替換,支架和標籤匹配, HTML格式,CSS ,和XML文件屬性和比較。

EditRocket is a powerful text editor with many useful features that will be appreciated by web designers, programmers, as well as ordinary PC users. The program has a feature syntax highlighting, auto-substituting the appropriate programming language, scripting, a powerful search engine and much more. Program EditRocket supports the following programming languages and technologies: C, Java, PHP, Text, ActionScript, Groovy, Transact-SQL, C + +, javascript, Python, XML, CSS, HTML, Perl, etc. The text editor EditRocket become a reliable assistant of any web-master.

Key Features:
Editing Tools
Auto Tag Closure for XML and HTML
Auto Tag Complete for HTML tags in PHP, JSP, and HTML pages
Auto Code Block completion for C style languages when entering open curly brackets
Auto Method / Function Completion / Lookup for Java, JSP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby
Auto system package procedure lookup / completion for PL/SQL
Key Ahead functionality that is customizable by programming language for quickly entering text
Bookmark functionality for quickly navigating through code.
Recordable macros for quickly executing common tasks
Select Text options for quickly selecting lines, paragraphs, words, and pages
Delete Text options for quickly deleting lines, paragraphs, words, and pages
Favorites and Recent Files options for bookmarking files or quickly viewing previously opened files
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Spell Checker

Programming Tools
Syntax Highlighting for ActionScript, Ada, Batch, C, COBOL, CSS, C++, C#, Groovy, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, Perl, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Shell Script, SQL, SQL PL, TransactSQL, and XML
Coding Sidekicks for C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Shell Script, SQL, SQL PL, Transact SQL, and XML
Code Builders for many programming languages such as C, JavaScript, Java, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Shell Script and Transact-SQL
A CSS Style Builder for generating CSS style sheets
A CSS Validator for validating CSS style sheets
An HTML Validator for validating HTML content
An HTML Tag builder for selecting HTML tags and their attributes and listeners
An HTML Tidy tool for cleaning up HTML source
An HTML Entity selector
A JavaScript Compressor
A JavaScript Validator
An XML Validator for validating XML syntax or validating against XML schemas
An XML Tree View tool
Java Tools for looking up methods, compiling Java, or generating getter and setter methods
HTML Tools for encoding and decoding URLs, converting selections to hyperlinks, and wrapping selections or lines in tags
XML Tools for converting characters to entities and entites to characters and wrapping selections in tags
Integration with local web servers for JSP, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby
A Tag Navigator Tool for displaying a clickable list of all HTML or XML tags in a document
A Function / Method Navigator Tool for displaying a clickable list of all programming language specific methods or functions in a document
A Color Chooser Tool for choosing colors in HTML hex or RGB format
Code Inserts for over 19 languages for quickly inserting code
A Zip Utility for viewing the contents of Zip or Jar files
Function / Method Lookup for quickly displaying a selectable list of functions or methods
Customizable and Pre-built Templates for all supported programming languages
A plugin API that allows users to write custom code to enhance EditRocket

Search Tools
A Find / Replace / Replace All tool with options for regular expression searching, direction, selected lines vs. the whole document searching, case sensitivity, wrap search, whole wordd search, showing found lines, and counting found objects
A Find / Replace In Files Tool for finding or replacing text in files that has the ability to recursively search directories.
A Find in Open Editors tool for finding text containted in open editor tabs
A Goto Line Tool for taking a user directly to the specified line
A Match Bracket tool for matching brackets, parentheses, and curly braces
A Match Tag Tool for matching XML or HTML tags
A Replace Range Tool for replacing sections of lines

File System Tools
A File System Browser with the ability to show files on the user's machine in an expandable tree structure
An FTP Client and SFTP Client that provides a site browser for ftp/sftp sites and operations such as upload, download, open, delete, create and delete directories, rename files, and much more.
A Regular Expression capable search tool for searching files
A Head tool for getting the first so many lines from a document as specified by the user
A Tail Tool for getting the last so many lines from a document as specified by the user
A Get Section Tool for getting text from the middle of a document
Tools for renaming, moving, deleting, and copying files
Tools for displaying File sizes, permissions, and other information
A File Compare Tool for comparing files