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iMyfone Umate Pro 3.1.0 多語言中文註冊版-iPhone/iPad垃圾清理
iMyfone Umate是一款Windows平台下的iPhone/iPad垃圾和緩存文件清理工具,通過掃瞄和刪除冗餘垃圾文件以及掃瞄和刪除相機膠卷、照片流和照片庫中的緩存,可以幫助我們為iPhone/iPad等iOS設備騰出不少的存儲空間。可以有效地解決iPhone存儲滿問題,使iPhone用戶以釋放更多空間用iPhone/iPad/iPodtouch。

iMyfone Umate Pro 3.1.0 多語言中文註冊版-iPhone/iPad垃圾清理


如何使用iMyfone Umate?首先,你iOS設備連接到電腦,並啟動智能掃瞄。預覽多大存儲空間可以釋放。那麼只有一個點擊,你垃圾文件清理將在很短時間內完成。最後,在iOS設備上享受額外空間!

Used up space on your iPhone? iPhone gets stuck easily? iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch runs too slow because storage is almost full? Not enough space for iPhone update? Forget those outdated ways to free up iOS space manually. iMyfone Umate, an easy-to-use iPhone cleaner, is specially researched and developed to free up iOS space.

By securely cleaning junk files, clearing temporary files, compressing photo losslessly, deleting large files and managing apps, you can free up massive space for your iOS devices without deleting your photos or videos manually!

Clean up 30+ Junk Files to Free up iOS Space
If your iPhone has only 16GB or even 8GB of storage, to save as much space as possible could be a crying need for you. The cleaner for iPhone is powerful to clean up your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch system by removing any kind of junk files. Whenever your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is out of space, you can use iMyfone Umate to wipe off junks and speed up your iDevice.

iMyfone Umate Pro 3.1.0 多語言中文註冊版-iPhone/iPad垃圾清理

– Remove app caches/cookies/temp files/crash logs permanently.
– Delete downloaded temp files, user storage files and corrupted files.
– Clean camera roll, photo stream and photo library cache files generated by third-party apps.

Clear Temporary Files Thoroughly from iOS Devices
Every time you use your apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, they will leave some residues of temporary files, and these temporary files will fill up as the time goes by. They eat up iPhone storage can hardly be seen by users. Armed with unique cleaning technique, iMyfone Umate can clear all the invisible temporary files hidden in each app and release huge storage for your iOS devices.

Compress Losslessly & Delete Photos to Reclaim at least 75% Photos' Space
Want to share affluently your large but wonderful photos on SNS? Or the photo stream take up too much space, so your iPhone/iPad/iPod run slower? Then you need to compress your photos! iMyfone Umate comes to rescue! The compression release up to 75% of camera photos' space on your iOS device. If still not enough space, Umate can also delete directly your unwanted photos!

– Compress photos losslessly to share affluently, the photos keep almost the original quality.
– Preview, select and delete all the unwanted photos to free up your iDevice.
– Automatically back up original photos on PC before photos' compression & Deletion.

Back up and Delete Large Files to Take Your Space Back
Videos take up a lot of iPhone space, even they are very short. iMyfone Umate can scan your iPhone and find all the videos which are over 5MB. To provide users with more choices, the iPhone memory cleaner allows users to deal with these large files flexibly.

iMyfone Umate Pro 3.1.0 多語言中文註冊版-iPhone/iPad垃圾清理

– Choose files to remove according to different file sizes.
– Back up all the selected large files before deleting.
– Selective deletion to keep useful ones on your iPhone for daily use.

Manage and Remove Unused Apps to Release iPhone Space
Apps are the essential part of your iDevices. We use some apps everyday for social contact, but plenty of apps are downloaded for meaningless following or one-off use. Why not delete them to release space if you're not interested any more? This storage cleaner for iPhone helps list all the apps according to the storage they take up. And it offers handy steps to uninstall the unnecessary apps.

– Quickly scan and list apps to reveal the storage they occupy.
– Selectively uninstall the apps by one click to release space.

Secure Your Data by Backing up Beforehand
The iPhone space cleaner not just frees up more storage for you, but everything has been considered. To remove your worries about mistakenly removing something important from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, two advanced configuration are built in.

iMyfone Umate Pro 3.1.0 多語言中文註冊版-iPhone/iPad垃圾清理

– Automatically backup your photos and the selected large files to computer before compression/deletion.
– Removable files can be selectively deleted by manual.

When to Clean up Your iOS Device
Once you encounter the following situations, you must maintain keen vigilance. They are the signs that your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is lack of storage. All you need to do is to run the iPhone Space Saver and free up tons of space.

– iDevices easily go crashed for unknown reasons.
– Junk files take up tons of space and slow down your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.
– Not enough space for iOS update, new apps or photos etc.
– Can't remove the unnecessary data completely.

Make More Fun out of Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
No more worry about your iOS devices not having enough storage. Just a few clicks, iMyfone Umate will free up tons of storage space for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. More free space means more apps, music, photos and fun in your life.