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Snipper App 1.4 MacOS-本地代碼片段管理器
Snipper App Mac版是Mac平台上的一款開發軟件。Snipper App Mac版是一個本地代碼片段管理器,專門為MacOS開發Swift4,保存日常工作記錄、代碼片段的單一工具,是開發人員生活中的好幫手。

Snipper App is a native snippets manager, built with Swift4 for MacOS exclusively, aiming to be a single tool for saving your day to day working notes, snippets of code, and just a good helper in the developer's life. With the iCloud storage, your snippets will be stored in the cloud by your Apple ID, and it allows to sync the user's data between multiple apps on the different computers. It's really handy when you want to share your snippets on the working machine, and the personal one at the same time. Snipper designed in a way to support multiple storages, and the supported storage types will be extended in the next versions. Local storage is designed to store your snippets only locally. iCloud storage uses a private database. Only the user can access this data through a device authenticated with their iCloud account. Snipper is designed and implemented as the offline first application, so the iCloud storage doesn't require a constant internet connection when your work with it. The editor is built in a way to fit developer needs.

Main Features:
Editor with the syntax highlighting
Multiple programming languages are supported
Different storage types
Light and dark themes are included

Local storage
iCloud storage

It supports features as:
Showing of invisible characters
Showing of line numbers
Tab size customization
Insertion of spaces instead of tabs
Font customization

Whats New:

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit