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IconFly 3.8.3 MacOSX-將圖片轉換為適用於網頁的圖標的工具
一款可以將圖片轉換為適用於網頁的圖標的工具,特別適用於製作網站 Favorite 圖標以及應用在App Store上展示的圖標。軟件的界面經過一定的修改後已經變得比較養眼了,而且操作上也十分簡易,提供的圖標尺寸也十分豐富。
IconFly 3.x | MacOSX | 
To create a iPhone and iPad application, you need to provide icons in 14 different sizes. For a modern OS X app you must provide icons in 10 different sizes. It can be rather tedious and time-consuming to create these files manually. With the IconFly app, you can create all-needed icons for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications much more easier and faster, and save your time for more important things. Just 3 easy steps, and all the icons are ready. That is why IconFly is the most powerful and universal application for generate many kinds of icons.


IconFly supports the creation of icons for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications. Furthermore, IconFly also allows you to create WebClip Icons and favicons. All the icons created using IconFly are fully compatible with all the latest devices and OS created by Apple, including the latest iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Pro. Moreover, now IconFly allows you to create icons for Android applications.

Assets catalog & Appiconset

With built-in Appiconset generator, IconFly allows you to create the Appiconset for OS X, iOS and WatchOS applications with all the correctly sized icons and properly formatted JSON file. You can save it directly to the Assets Catalog in your project and Appiconset is ready to use right after that without any additional changes. Appiconset created by IconFly is fully compatible with Xcode 6.0 or later.


Typically, to create icons using IconFly, you need to do three simple steps. QuickIcon is an innovative feature that allows you to make icons much more quickly, just in one click. Moreover, QuickIcon allows you to create Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications icons in one go. It's true also for Android app icons and Web icons. You can easily change the type of icons created by Quick Icon, right in IconFly's Preferences. Creating icons has never been so easy as using QuickIcon.

Images from Icon

Quite often there is a need to save the icons as separate images, especially if you are a blogger, journalist or just want to write reviews of some applications. Now you can quickly and easily save any icons as pictures with IconFly. IconFly allows you to save an icon as a single image or set of images (starting from 16-by-16 px to 1024-by-1024 px) in one of the following formats: PNG, JPG or TIFF.

Masks and rounding

Using IconFly, you can not only replace the images for any sizes, but also you can improve your icons using one of the six available masks, or one of the six available roundings. This function is available only for Mac icons.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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