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教程-Learn to Create Web Applications using Go
Jonathan Calhoun | Duration: 43 h 34 m | Video: H264 720x480 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch  | Language: English | 2018

No trivial single-page TODO apps here. Just real, production-grade web apps

Go is supposed to be great for web development, so why is it so hard to build even a simple twitter clone? Why can't anyone point me to a concrete example of how to hash and store user passwords? Or how to build the rest of an authentication system?

Why is to so frustrating simply trying to figure out how to share my database connection with my handlers, or how to email users without slowing down every web request? Can anyone just tell me how to organize my code? Why are there so many varying opinions on this? Which one is right? Should I be using MVC? What is this domain driven design? Ugh! I want to give up!

You have heard that Go is great for web apps, but getting started leads to so many questions that it can feel overwhelming. But what if you could build a web application this week, starting today? What if you had someone to guide you through the standard libraries and help you understand how they all work together?