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Raxco PerfectRegistry註冊表修復軟件
註冊表最佳化工具Raxco PerfectRegistry

加強 /優化整體 PC性能
●測試與 1000 +的應用
●兼容與 Windows XP,Vista和Windows 7(包括32位和64位)

增加應用響應時間,清理無效的註冊表錯誤。 PerfectRegistry讓您更快地訪問您的程序和應用程序,採用了先進的掃瞄引擎的點擊無效的註冊表項自動檢測和修復。

允許 PerfectRegistry從您的Windows註冊表中刪除過時的和無效的項目,更流暢的電腦操作,提高系統的整體性能。




Raxco PerfectRegistry 2.x Multilingual |

Raxco PerfectRegistry is a registry optimization software which fixes your slow PC by eliminating registry errors and improving PC performance. PerfectRegistry cleans and defrags the Windows Registry, improving overall PC performance and preventing program freezes and system crashes. Increase application response times by cleaning invalid registry errors. Raxco PerfectRegistry gives you faster access to your programs and applications by using an advanced scan engine to detect and fix invalid registry entries automatically with a click. Enhance overall system performance by allowing PerfectRegistry to remove obsolete and invalid entries from your Windows registry, resulting in smoother PC operation. Avoid random system crashes, runtime errors and the BSOD (blue screen of death).

Raxco PerfectRegistry provides a more stable computing environment by regularly fixing registry errors. PerfectRegistry has a backup and restore functionality, allowing you to completely undo a registry cleaning if necessary.

Enhance/Optimize Overall PC Performance:
● Fixes invalid registry errors
● Defrags and compacts the registry
● Improves system response time
● Prevents system crashes, BSOD and other errors
● Drastically improves overall PC performance
● Tested with 1000+ applications

Your Windows registry is in constant use from regular PC usage and it can get cluttered over time. Every installation and removal of a program, movement and usage of data creates an additional registry entry. The larger your registry, the slower, less efficient and more error-laden your computing experience can be.

Raxco PerfectRegistry cleans registry errors using its advanced scan engine and defragments the registry, streamlining it for smoother PC performance. The program quickly fixes all registry errors easily. Raxco PerfectRegistry runs from time to time to prevent common Windows error messages.

Your registry may be damaged if you are experiencing the following problems:
● Slow performance on a relatively new PC
● Blue screen of death (BSODs)
● Frequent PC freezes
● Unexplained PC crashes
● Common Windows errors
● Programs freeze often and are slow to open

Raxco PerfectRegistry
OS : Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP
Language : Multilingual

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