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TrackStudio Enterprise Win/Lnx-任務跟蹤監控系統
您想不想實時的瞭解您的工作流程進度呢?TrackStudio Enterprise送給您,這款人物跟蹤監控系統能夠跟蹤任何類型的任務進度,這款TrackStudio Enterprise主要可用來項目監控和硬件部署,具備完善的可配置的工作流程,可以適用於不同的工作環境!

TrackStudio Enterprise功能:
多角色支持 - 在許多公司中,不同的人根據他們所涉及的項目而具有不同的角色。TrackStudio支持在矩陣管理環境中工作。

先進的權限模型 - 對誰可以查看和執行操作的高度精細控制意味著可以與客戶,承包商和第三方共享任務,而不會損害商業或個人數據。

高可用性 - 在組織內為多種不同目的使用相同的應用程序意味著降低管理和培訓成本,並允許用戶對分配給他們的任務進行統一視圖,而不管他們所涉及的工作區域如何。

快速且可擴展的設計 - 經過測試和響應,超過100萬個任務和10,000個用戶,該應用程序是真正的企業級解決方案。

數據庫和操作系統獨立性 - 在您選擇的平台上部署,而不是受軟件要求的限制。

完全可配置的工作流程 - 任意數量的狀態和轉換意味著您可以創建任意數量的工作流程來反映您的業務實踐,並且應用程序的使用僅受您的想像力限制。

分層任務樹 - 許多任務自然包含子任務。TrackStudio允許工作分解結構(WBS)中的任何無限深度,並且可以配置為允許用戶添加和進行他們自己的待辦事項。

最多10種類型的自定義字段的無限數量 - 這意味著您可以在結構化和可查詢的表單中將任何類型的數據與任何任務相關聯。

集成和擴展功能 - 入站和出站電子郵件與SOAP / REST一起使應用程序可以輕鬆鏈接到其他系統。

TrackStudio is an ultra-configurable workflow engine that can be used to track the progress of any kind of task such as issue resolution, requirements gathering, desktop support handling, project monitoring, hardware deployment, staff hiring and document management.

Fully configurable workflows - any number of states and transitions means that you can create any number of workflows that mirror your business practices and that the application's use is only constrained by your imagination. 

Hierarchical task tree - many tasks naturally comprise subtasks. TrackStudio allows any unlimited depth in the work breakdown structure (WBS) and can be configured to allow users to add and progress their own to-do items. 

Multi-role support - in many companies different individuals have different roles depending on the project with which they are involved. TrackStudio supports working in a matrix managed environment. 

Sophisticated permissions model - highly granular control over who can see and do what means that tasks can be shared with customers, contractors and third parties without compromising commercial or personal data. 

High usability - the use of the same application for many different purposes within your organisation means that administrative and training costs are reduced as well as allowing users a consolidated view of the tasks assigned to them irrespective of the work area to which they relate. 

Fast and scaleable design - tested and responsive with in-excess of 1 million tasks and 10,000 users the application is a genuine enterprise-wide solution. 

Database and O/S independence - deploy on your platform of choice rather than be constrained by the requirements of the software. 

Infinite number of up to 10 types of custom fields - meaning that you can associate with any task whatever types of data you want to have in a structured and queryable form. 

Integration and extension capabilities - inbound and outgoing e-mail together with SOAP make the application one that can easily be linked to other systems. 

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