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Lumina Analytica Decision Engine 5.2.9 x64-探索和共享定量決策模型的可視化環境
Analytica是用於構建,探索和共享定量決策模型的可視化軟件環境。ADE為您提供了Analytica的計算能力,可以將其無縫鏈接到您的軟件。借助ADE,您可以將Analytica模型作為Web應用程序或通過自定義圖形用戶界面提供給最終用戶。使用Visual Basic,Visual C ++,Microsoft Office應用程序和許多其他環境,ADE允許您為Analytica模型創建用戶界面,這將允許您的客戶專注於模型的見解,同時避開決策支持應用程序的結構和複雜性。使用ADE作為定製應用程序的後端,客戶無需學習Analytica或任何其他建模環境。ADE可以鏈接到Web服務器,為辦公室,國家或全球的客戶提供決策支持。從您的應用程序調用時,ADE可以讀取,修改和評估任何Analytica模型。ADE也可用於創建和保存與Analytica完全兼容的模型。 支持線性,二次,非線性連續和混合整數程序優化的可選  優化器模塊可用於ADE。

Lumina Analytica Decision Engine 5.x (x86/x64) | 
ADE gives you Analytica's computational muscle with the means to seamlessly link it to your software. With ADE, you can deliver Analytica models to your end users as a Web application or via a custom graphical user interface.

Using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Office applications, and many other environments, ADE lets you create a user interface to your Analytica model which will allow your customer to focus on model's insights, while shielded from the structure and complexity of your decision support application.

Using ADE as a back-end to your custom application, your customers won't need to learn Analytica, or any other modeling environment. ADE can be linked to a Web server to provide decision support to your customers around the office, the country, or the world.

When called from your application, ADE can read, modify, and evaluate any Analytica model. ADE can also be used to create and save models, which are completely compatible with Analytica.

The optional Optimizer module that supports linear, quadratic, non-linear continuous and mixed-integer program optimization is available for use with ADE.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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